Friday, November 13, 2009


Kailan kaya ilalabas ang libro ni Migs Syjuco na "Illustrado"? I want to read it. I want an XBOX360 too, and a new TV for our apartment. My flatmate is reading a book called "Superfreakonomics", and I read it whenever he's not around the house.

Other than my blog, what are YOU reading, you horny unclefuckin' lot you?


  1. I find life after life fascinating. I read books about out of the body experiences, paranormal occurrences, and things that are hard to understand by the human mind, yet easily understood by the heart.

    When I used to write scripts for RP TV and the Movies in my youth, I happened to meet a person who shared the same interest in the "afterlife". His name was Alfie Anido, an actor of Regal Films.

    While everyone was enjoying the party, especially at the residence of Mother Lily in Greenhills, Alfie and I would just sit at a table and discuss things about afterlife. He confided to me one day that he wasn't happy in showbiz, that he would rather go back to Stanton, California (where he stayed during his high days as an AFS Scholar). I told him to do just that. And before I left RP, we agreed to have a reunion in Cali.

    Unfortunately, a few months after I left RP, he died prematurely by taking his own life.

    I still read books on the subject and still fascinated by them. Economics would be the last book I'd bother to waste my time reading.

    I suggest you also visit your spiritually, Boy du jour. Believe me, it will fascinate you and will give you a totally new awareness to the meaning of our existence here on earth.


  2. -habang kumakain/umiinom, binabasa ko ang labels ng mga pagkain/inumin na kinakain/iniinum ko, kahit paulit ulit ko na itong nababasa
    -ang mga signs, posts at bills na nadadaanan ko pag pagumuuwi araw-araw habang naglalakad galing makati stocks exchange hanggang sa ayala mrt station, hanggang sa shaw mrt station, hanggang sa megamall, hanggang sa dorm

    hindi ko pansin na ginagawa ko ito hanggang sa nabasa ko tong entry na ito.

    first time ko narinig sa isang cartoon ang kantang 'uncle fucker'. masaya yung kantang yun. nakalimutan ko pamagat nung cartoon. si kyle lang naaalala ko.

  3. pareho kami ni Boying ng binabasa hahahaaha

    at Boying, south park yata yung title nung cartoons na yun....:)

  4. other than your blog..

    binabasa ko yong mga galaw ng mga kalaban ko, kung kelan naging open na saka ako titira,
    pag nabasa ko na yong galaw ng kalaban, inaaral ko, para magkaroon ng bagong juggle..

    well, im talking about Tekken 6 bloodline rebellion. heheheh

    kasi work-blog-tekken and vice versa

  5. i read the hidden messages in every blog posts i encounter.

  6. @John Stanley - I hope you're enjoying the one on this post. *wink*

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  8. tama! "south park" nga yun! hahahahaha.

    shut your fucking face, uncle fucker? tama ba?

    anyway, may blog entry ako na sobrang haba. tapos may nagcomment ng "napadaan lang...". ayun, narealize ko na 'binabasa' niya pala ang blog ko. I wonder what else he's 'reading'? people?

    binasa ko rin ang Word Verification sa comment na ito. ang sabi 'colonmo'. hahaha. colon mo rin!

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  10. You're a cock sucking, ass licking uncle fucker! hahaha

    Psychoanalytical literary criticism is just one of the several approaches that we can use to appreciate text.

    Sabi ng wv para sakin: 'andramu'. Sinubukan ko. Ang lumabas: "The characters you entered didn't match the word verification. Please try again." Hindi talaga ako emo.