Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Boy's Back

Ok, so some of you missed me. Most of you didn't even notice I was gone. Anyway, to those of you who actually felt the unbearable weight of my absence, I owe an explanation.

At some point last year, I met an old friend. We were blockmates in college, and she's now working as a Marketing-something for a company that makes canned goods (mostly tuna; and NO, you don't get points for guessing correctly). She and some of her friends were drinking and generally in thrall of some debaucheries that were taking place in a Karaoke room in Trinoma. She went out for a while to get a sundae at the nearby McDonald's, bumped into me as I was about to go to Timezone (when deep in thought, I like to spend serious time with the shooters), and she, in her drunken state, dragged me to their room and made introductions.

One of her friends was a guy who kept laughing at my jokes. It was an IOI (Indicator of Interest), and I made a move sometime after they ordered another bucket of San Mig Light. I told him about my work (my LEGAL one), and that I do take "clients" on the side.

"What clients?" he asked.

"Lonely ones. Those who need to talk with someone who'll listen." I paused, letting the innuendo sink in. "I'm a psychologist, remember?"

"Oh." He was obviously taken back. "Do you mean... do you think... Are you saying I need one?"

"No. I'm not saying anything at all. Except that if you know someone who does need some companionship, feel free to refer me."


After that night, I received a message from that guy the next weekend.

"Are you free right now?" read his text message. "Can you come over my place? I'm alone."

I replied: "Send me the address."

He sent me his address. It's in Makati. I hate Makati. I hate the stupid traffic laws of Makati, the lack of decent parking spaces.

"Hurry," his next message said. "I think I'm losing blood too soon."


Casting Call Boy: Testimonial

Due to the number of people doubting the veracity of this blog, I have decided to finally come out with a video that will answer all your questions about how I look, how big my cock is, and how great I am in bed.

But here's the deal: I need someone else to do it for me.

I'm thinking I'll fuck one of you FOR FREE, but in return, we'll have to make a video where you answer TRUTHFULLY the questions people usually ask of me. You HAVE TO SHOW YOUR FACE in the video (and if you're game to appearing in the video with my cock in your mouth, all the better).

So there. Who's up for the role? I'm going to need someone who will look good on camera, of course. I can't just fuck anybody. If you're interested, leave me a message here (or on, preferably with your contact details and a recent headshot. 16-21 yo only. NO OLDIES, NO FATTIES, NO UGLIES.

Thanks! This is gonna be awesome!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Confessions 2.0

I'm taking this whole confession thing further by opening a formspring account.

In case you missed out on all the hipster fun of the past 6 months, enables users to receive questions (and other messages) anonymously from people all over the internet. You don't need to sign-up to ask a question.

If you have a burning question for me you're itching to ask, throw it my way at and I promise to answer them. You can ask me ANYTHING: advice on love, sex tips, personal matters, my opinion on pop culture, the basics of being a high priced male prostitute. I'll be featuring the most interesting questions here on my blog, by the way, so if you don't feel like asking anything, you can still join in the fun simply by reading.

Now, if this isn't pagpuputa, I don't know what is!