Friday, March 25, 2011

Yet another worthless video blog.

Totally random shit. Thought I'd share a slice of my life with you through this video post.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bago Ka Magpakamatay

Read in Baklang Maton's post about his plans to kill himself inspired by my post.

Now, understandably, the human condition has certain circumstances where life episodes can pile up, and one can't help but feel the weight of it being insurmountable. Hardwired to either take flight or hold ground and fight, sometimes we take the option to simply drop everything, and roll over dead. It's a solution "logical" to the human condition if you take into context how we rationalize problems.

If I'm going to be the go-to blogger for suicides, then we might as well all take a moment to do it properly. Here are some things you should think about before you kill yourself.

1.) Clean your room - If you're going to take a French exit, better make it a clean one. It's bad enough that you're leaving all your loved ones to grieve, imagine how much worse it would be if they discover your stash of granny porn (or for most of my readers, that Bear Biker Bangs Son DVD your professor burned for you). CLEAN YOUR ROOM. Make sure you get rid of baggages that will embarrass those who care enough for you to get embarrassed by your shit. ALSO, you have pretty good stuff, maybe when you're gone, other people can benefit from whatever you've hoarded. Those comic books? Give them to someone who'd keep them in mint condition. Your laptop, your PSP, hell, even those half-full perfume you keep. Give them all away. You wouldn't be needing them where you're going. Make sure everything you have is well disposed of before you dispose yourself. Just because you can't deal with your mess doesn't mean someone else has to.

2.) Fuck the Police - Well, not literally. Ok, maybe literally. Fuck the authority figure in your life. You're going nowhere anyway, might as well challenge the authority figures. Give them a piece of your mind. Your parents hate you for being gay? Give them one big FUCK YOU. Your lover for 8 years left you for someone younger ? Sing it with me and Cee Lo: FUCK YOU. Your professor failed you again, your boss passed you on for a promotion, bank's knocking at your door repossessing your car: F-U-C-K, HEY, Y-O-U. You ARE a HUMAN BEING, and you have ALL THE RIGHT IN THE WORLD to assert HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE. Don't EVER EVER EVER let anyone make you feel like you don't have the right to tell them to fuck off when they so rightly deserve it. You have the RIGHT to scream it in their faces: FUCK YOU. Because God made you beautiful, God made you right, God made you strong enough to fight, God gave you the right to live in this world just as much as they do. So fuck them, fuck them very much.

3.) Blow Your Own Mind - Listen, in a few minutes, you're going to kill yourself. How about blowing your mind with ecstasy before you do? Go ahead, try E, try shabu. Eat 3 pounds of chocolate in one sitting, have sex with a stranger, spend all your money on a ticket to Amsterdam, take a dildo and ride it till you come. There's absolutely NO REASON for you not to enjoy the best that life has to offer if you're planning on quitting anyways. You know what, here's a challenge: If you're so decided that you're going to kill yourself soon, why don't you go to the mall right now, approach an attractive person (be it a guy or girl) and introduce yourself, have a casual conversation about anything you can think of. Scared of getting rejected? Who cares, you're quitting tomorrow anyway. Buy a fuckin' basketball, find a court, and see if you can make 100 hoops straight. Afraid of failing? Who cares, you're killing yourself tomorrow anyway. Go to an art store, buy stuff, and draw all the shit you've always wanted to draw. So what if all you come up with is shit? You're dead to the world soon anyway.

4.) Write a Letter - This is a MUST. Look, when you're dead, people will be wondering why you did it. Even if you don't want to give them an answer, they'll probably come up with their own theories. Do you want them thinking you killed yourself because you're heartbroken, when you totally have another reason for killing yourself? People will formulate theories, people will believe the stories they want to believe. They will think you killed yourself because you're failing math, because you're a lesbian, because you're short, because your musical career's failing. SET THE STORY STRAIGHT and give them ONE HELL OF A TELL-ALL. Tell them everything. Don't start at the beginning, START IN THE MIDDLE. Start with why you've chosen to kill yourself in that particular manner. Work your way to the beginning. Tie everything up in the end. If you have quite a story (and I believe you do for you to actually put that blade against your vein), then you better start soon. Get a notebook with good paper, and a reliable pen. Start writing. Don't hold anything back. You're dead anyway, you have nothing to fear about getting judged.

When you've done all these things... I'll make you a bet.

I bet you'll find that with all of its shit, life can still be worth living. If only for the sheer joy of telling them to fuck off, of telling someone how bad you're taking it, of giving away something of value to you to someone else who'd treasure it more.

Because, goddammit, life is wonderful. I cannot express how amazing life can be, and you'll never know how mindblowing good life can be, if you don't let it show you, if you quit now, if you can't give it the time to show you that, fuck, life can be good, and you can be happy.

You CAN be happy. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why Do You Hate Me So?

I'm getting a lot of negative messages on my formspring. I really wonder where all these hateration's coming from. Why you mad, bitch? Don't hate coz I'm hot. Check it out! Ask me anything! Also, feel free to leave me anything there, like, your photos or sex videos or whatever. Hahaha... Fansigns? Fansigns please?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

In Action

Here's a video of me fucking someone.

WARNING: Very Offensive


Dumb Move

Hey, gays. Sup?

I may have done something very stupid.

Well, remember how I posted my number here last year? Since then, I've been getting some calls and messages from you guys. Some of you are a waste of time coz you're calling from outside Metro Manila, and you're not really serious about getting my services, you just want to chat.

Anyway, I told Adelle about it, and she reprimanded me for being so dumb. She said attracting that much attention, and publicly declaring my 'acts of prostitution' will put me on the police watchlist. Technically, they can't file anything against me (even if I claim to be a prostitute in this medium), but the thing is they can play an entrapment on me and squeeze me for money or for my contacts or for whatever they want out of me and my network. We had a big fight over it, and she wants me to delete this blog. Only thing that pacified her is that I assured her that I posted no photographs of me, I'm writing under an assumed name, I write about real people under false names, and I can't remember posting anything here that can be traced back to me.

So, there. I'm getting a new SIM card. And, NO, I can't entertain clients from this blog because you just might be a cop.

For all other concerns, there's my formspring.