Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Devil's Threesome

So... I went to the mall today, and I left my car at home because it's Monday. Mostly went to check out clothes, did some grocery shopping. Really boring shit.

Aboard the FX on the way home, I sat at the middle cab. There was just me, and this girl who didn't look anything exceptional. We waited for the FX to get filled before we can leave, and I was totally lost, plugged into my iPod.

Then, the conductor opened the door, and ushered in a couple. The girl was fucking hot, and the boy was lean, lanky, and fuckable. I met the girl's gaze, and she froze. She was supposed to get inside the cab first, but I dunno, must have felt flushed when she realized she will be spending the ride next to me. So, quickly, she turned to her boyfriend and asked him to go in first instead. The boy checked me out, he grinned. Now, I have flirted and flirted back gazillions of time in my life, and that, my friends, was a flirty grin. The boyfriend held my gaze and cooed his girlfriend to get in first and sit next to me, in between us.

We spent the rest of the ride, glancing at each other, all three of us. My right arm would brush at the girl's left breast lightly, and she'd press herself back coyly. The boy toyed with the girl's fingers, biting his lower lip suggestively, watching me watching him watching. Yeah, I think he wanted to see me fuck his girl while he lick my balls, that's what.