Sunday, November 1, 2009

Curious How I Look Like

Here's the definitive video to show you how I really look like.


  1. ganda ng boses mo pero astig ang post na ito.

  2. astig ang post na ito.

    Naka-abang sa mga susunod pang kaastigan at nag sisimula nang mag back-track sa mga kaastigang nagsimula noong January 18, 2009,
    Boying Opaw

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  4. Your blog is so amusing.
    You call yourself Boy du jour, then you offered yourself to gay guys as Plat du jour. LOL. Your posted messages really crack me up, my man. You must be a stand-up comedian.

    Seriously, I think you can be a very good stand up comedian, basing from the funny posts I read.

    And a very confident and competent writer as well.

    What's so good is that, despite the fact that everything you talk about were mere fantasy pieces, it sounded and looked real when read.

    Congratulations for a very entertaining blog.
    Not a big help for Gigolos, but a good read nevertheless.

  5. Nice try on fooling people around, you dolt douche bag (I'm talkin to the blog owner).

    Can't you people at least see the logic here? ANybody who hails and calls himself "high class" is exactly the opposite of what he's claiming he is. He's simply tryin' to attract attention here by declaring who he is not.

    And these desperate viewers here, who seems very hungry and starving for some cocks, are camping and rooting for this guy hoping they can strike a real good deal. How amusing. But, yeah, it IS pathetic.

  6. Drol:

    Let's not be too judgmental on the guys who thought Boy du jour was serious. The best thing we can do is put our feet in their shoes. If we become attracted to a beautiful woman, won't we chase her as well?

    Maybe not the way they ended up being PUNKED by du jour, but let's be more compassionate. Gays have been ostracized for so long and they are now beginning to live life fully and free. Let's live and let live; to each his own.

    I have my sympathy to the people who were subjected to a cruel joke. However, maybe this is the type of "fun" Boy du jour plays to amuse himself.

    The best thing that can come out of this misadventure is this: live and learn from your mistake. And next time, let wisdom guide you. Always remember that not all that glitters are gold.

    Cheers to all of you, nice people. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

    And to you, funny man Boy du jour, be kind.
    And keep writing, because you're one heck of a writer. It would be great if you did a detour. Write something for us without the "gigolo" slant. Write about life and rest assured that we're not going to get tired reading your posts.

  7. im expecting a fluent boy du jour on the video...
    tsk. tsk. tsk. made me realized that this is a rotten hell...=)

  8. Robby:

    The writer's caliber does not match the one who's speaking in the attached video. I'm pretty sure that the one speaking is not the writer at all. He is not wishy-wishy at all when writing, it follows that he's supposed to be a very sophisticated person as well.

    Est-se que j'ai raison, boy du jour?
    Ou vous m'avez bien escroqué?

  9. omg! i heard frankie!