Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sup, bitches? Fuck, I didn't know you were all that horny! Haha.

So, I contacted some of you who showed interest re: my last post. 8 out of 10 were just curious about my price and my looks, and the other 2 who were actually serious about the transaction, I'm meeting later this week.

Of the 8 annoying faggots who wasted my time, 5 offered to take me out on a date. Rule number 1: I DON'T DATE THE SAME SEX. I don't even hang out with my friends, for fuck's sakes.

Within a few days of finding out my number, some of you motherfuckers thought it would be really cool to pass it along. So now, I am beset with intrigued, lonely faggots who "just want to have a talk".

RULE NUMBER 2: I DON'T LIKE CHATTING WITH YOU GUYS. I'm anti-social, motherfuckers. Deal with it. I DON'T want to hear your coming out stories, I don't want to deal with your imagined stories of persecution. I am a professional psychologist-slash-escort; people PAY TO TALK WITH ME OR HAVE SEX WITH ME. You DON'T get to talk with me about YOUR PROBLEMS for free.

So, let me lay out some ground rules, people. If you want to have a "CHAT" with me, you're going to pay for my PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION FEES. That's slightly higher than my escorting fees, so you might as well get on all fours and take my cock up your ass because it's cheaper.

And, oh, yeah. I changed my numbers now. STOP CALLING.


  1. eh di mo naman pinansin post ko. walang discrimination bru... alangan naman i-post ko number ko d2? email mo nga kc ako...

  2. why didnt i get a call? that's so sad! 09178287578. ;)

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