Saturday, January 24, 2009

How to Manipulate Your Gay

Everybody has a gay. Be it a lover, a friend, a professor, or a new acquaintance. A gay can be very beneficial to a boy, a young man, or someone who looks like either a boy or a young man.

With my expertise as a master mindgamer, manipulator, and damn fucking hot sex machine, I am now arguably the definitive go-to guy when it comes to training hustler wannabes into the art of manipulating a gay for benefits. I am now sharing them with you through the goodness of my heart. Listen well, my young padawans, and listen good.

The key to successfully manipulating a gay for benefits is confidence. You must gain your mark's confidence through careful suggestions, hints, and behavior. It's not how good you look, how well built you are, or how big your dick is. It's all about how well you play the con game. I have long diagnosed myself to have malignant narcissism, and unless you can admit to having one as well, then you can not pull a successful con.

If you have worked in a call center long enough, or if you have experience working for Famly First, then you'll find this relatively easy.

First, some clarifications: at the heart of any confidence trick is the victim's (or "the mark", sometimes "the target") own greed. A good conman doesn't play with people's TRUST, he plays with their CONFIDENCE. There's a difference. People get tricked into scams not because they're trusting, but because they are confident that they will gain something great by engaging with the con artist.

Thus, one should not feel sorry to con a gay. You can NEVER trick an honest gay, only the greedy ones, the ones with hidden motives, the ones with the secret desires, can be truly corrupted.

Moving on... here are some pointers on how to successfully manipulate your gay for benefits.

I. Treat him like a man.

Gays enjoy the cursory illusion of being treated like "one of the boys". Call them "pare" as much as you can, they'd like that. EVEN IF they admit they're gay, you have to keep on ignoring that and pretend that you "don't believe" he is gay.

Say things like: "Pare, sumama ka lang lagi sa kin, gagawin kitang tunay na lalake." And "Pare, sayang ka, eh. Siguro, kung susubok ka lang ng chicks, makakabuo ka kaagad."

Invite them to play basketball. Don't worry. They will never play basketball. Gays don't play basketball, they play volleyball. If your mark's a tall gay, then you can say things like "Pare, sayag, dapat nagbabasketball ka, dami mo siguro chicks." They will love that.

Pretend IGNORANCE. Even if your gay is starting to hint interest in you, IGNORE HIS ADVANCES in order to challenge him more. Gays are biologically male, and as such, are tied to the psychology of being excited when facing challenges.

BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE: Never ever treat your gay like a woman. Treating a gay like a woman will make him believe you are interested in something romantic. He will start behaving like a girl, and like a true female, will start MAKING DEMANDS. You DON'T want that. You don't want your gay to send you messages like "Bakit di ka nagtetext?" or "Hmph." or asking you questions about the friends you're keeping.

II. Invest in Your Gay

Every peso you invest in your gay will have a profit margin of 10x ROI. Part of gaining a gay's confidence is making him believe that you are financially independent (You ARE financially independent; you just enjoy spending his money instead of yours) and are not interested in his money. This will also CHALLENGE him into OUT DOING the amount you have spent on him.

Treat a gay into a frappucino in the ballpark of 100-php and you can expect to be treated to a movie and dinner amounting to 1000-php. Wear a 500-php shirt, and he might give you a pair of 5,000-php shoes. This is mathematics.

III. Always Smell Strong

It doesn't matter if you smell good or you smell bad as long as your body scent is STRONG AND OVERWHELMING. Bathe in cheap Afficionado perfume (that is, if you can't afford original, expensive perfumes like I can) or don't shower for 3 days. This is an either-or tip.

Gays are big on smells. They want to smell you a lot. A person's scent is a subconscious reminder to his significant others of his presence when out of the line of vision. You must establish your presence with your scent.

When playing rough with your "pare", make sure he gets a health dose of your armpits. Pretend you're not conscious of how you smell.

IV. Show Some Skin

Show some skin--BUT NOT A LOT, AND NOT OFTEN.

The technique is to give them a bit to stir their phantom wombs, but not enough to satisfy them, and not often enough that they get accustomed to your body. Never let a gay get familiarized with your physique, or you will lose the whole con altogether.

V: Profit

Finally, when it comes to reaping the rewards of your hard work, do so subtly.

Make your mark think IT'S HIS IDEA to "help" you out. Never suggest a solution, but present "your problem" in such a way that the solution is clear, and he would make the leaps of logic easily without your help.

Sample dialogue: "So, yun. Di ko nga alam kung saan ako kukuha ng pang-tuition eh. Kung may mahihiraman lang ako, makakapag-bayad naman ako sa susunod na padala ni mama."

Always put up a token resistance. "Ano ba, nakakahiya naman. Baka sabihin nila, ano." is a classic reply to ANY AND ALL OFFER OF ASSISTANCE.

Do not ask for anything; always pretend you're just "borrowing".

When going around the mall with your gay, it would be helpful if you make your tastes clear in order to help him pick out a birthday/graduation/special occassion gift for you next time that he's alone. "Fuck, sayang, mahal pala tong bagong Nike Zoom Le Bron VI! Gustong gusto ko pa naman."

Not all benefits are financial. You can ask your gay for help on matters concerning your studies, or for other opportunities:

"Shit, ambobo ko talaga. Babagsak na naman ako sa class kasi di ko magawa ng tama tong project ko."

"Kung makakahanap lang ako trabaho, di makakatulong na ako kina mama."

"Buti ka nga may auto, eh. Ako, pa-commute-commute lang. Kailangan ko pa naman pumunta ng Subic para pick-upin yung padala ni Mama sa tita ko dun."

Bonus Tip: One of the best scam to pull on a gay once you've gained his confidence is the Multilevel Marketing Scam Gay Version: "Pare, ayos yung in-ooffer sa akin nung kaibigan ko. 14,500 lang ang fee, tapos kada-2 downline, may 500 ako, plus automatic, 10,000 pesos na GC's sa Jennelyn Shoes at Play and Display. Sulit di ba? Yun nga lang, san naman ako kukuha ng 14,500. Sayang. Kayang-kaya ko mag-sali ng mga tao sa downline ko eh."

This is an easy con to pull because your gay will be interested in the profit as well. He will see this as a joint venture.

But of course, you're not really putting that money into any multilevel marketing scheme, are you? Not when you can afford a new cellphone with that money.

So, after a few weeks, you need to put on another act: "Putang... Ulol talaga yung Jhong na yun! Tinakbo pera ko! Uupakan ko yun pagnakita ko eh!"

There. I hope that helps. If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Boy De Jour


  1. if reverse analyzed, this post could as well be "gay's guide on how not to be manipulated by your boys" hehe

  2. After reading this entry, the more i realize that I should hang out with guys. That way I could read their minds and watch out for the signs that you have just revealed.

    Let's see if my Alpha Male side would stand up to their manipulations. Lol

  3. hello is it possible for you not to share these practices? Baka kasi may mga bata na makabasa at gawin yun alam mo na...magbbreed tyo ng mga future kupal.

  4. interesting but quite ironic this post is. happy are the gays who would read this post because they would be enlightened to the con-game that could be working right before their eyes.

    unfortunately, im not sure if ur sharing this to the right audience. take it slow... the consequences might be too quick ...

    i'll bookmarked u, anyway. :)

  5. This is just scary. i mean you coming up with all these is just scary as hell on what else you can do. Sad.

  6. ano ito base sa experience mo as gay guy or as a straight guy?

    ang market ng blog mo is puro plu kaya i can't help but wonder.. atsaka yung mga dynamics na sinabi mo parang reality naman sa lahat ng tao regardless kung ano man ang sex nya or preference nya.. i.e anak sa magulang..

    in short ako na rin sasagot sa tanong ko, this not base from your experience, you're just very good in observing people and transactions they made with other people.

    a little modification and subtlety, will make this a good thesis if you're having your masters now or a little more modification & informality, you can write an article for cosmo err i mean fhm.


  7. I'll take him for what he is, and what he stands for.
    Though, like most people here, it's a shame to con someone na kauri mo rin. But Boy de Jour doesn't believe that he's gay, since he's bisexual, so sorry. scratch that argument.
    To be fair, his tricks of the trade recipe is very helpful and insightful for callboys and escorts, granting they have something inside their skull. Not all callboys and escorts kasi are like Boy de Jour who I think is matalino and has a good command of the English language.

    But nevertheless, it's very interesting. How can somebody from UP go in this route? Selling their flesh than their talents and brains? Dun ako mas interesado. Mas interesado ako paano niya kinalkal ang puke ng Comm II teacher niya at iba pa nyang sexperiences. Paanong mas nakakasatisfy para sa kanya na kumita gamit ang katawan at pagmamanipulate ng ibang tao rather than doing the usual corporate or put up a decent business route. :) I'll really follow this blog. :) Keep on writing! :)

  8. i think im getting the drift of whats going on here. hehehe. nice. :)

  9. My, my, my. What a very well researched post. A for effort my dear padawan. Only one point of correction. Not everyone who got scammed was sold in because of their confidence. Most of them, yes. But there are still those who knows how to trust. Something you will have to learn more of.

    Right audience? It doesn't matter. This is your blog. Post whatever it is that you want to post. Many great ones have fallen because they decided to post what they think their readers will like instead of what they like.

    Finally, like everyone here, I too will watch your progress with great interest.

  10. eto lang an masasabi ko: masarap magpaloko lalo na kung alam mong niloloko ka lang

  11. just because told me you're good, i'm linking you to my blog

    kudos to this blog entry

  12. Just a mere mention of money can easily turn me off. I don't like sharing my wealth. Hehehe =)

  13. your "tips" tend to target only ne particular type of gay.

    the stupid one.

    but thanks for the "warnings". hihihi

  14. this is very informative.. KUDOS!!

  15. what happened to kindness and peace to all living creatures, young padawan? lol :))

    i say let gays be gays. leave them alone. not all of them have money anyway.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Just Like a PRO! What if your 'target' does not even look at you even though your working in the same office? Theres this one guy/gay, thats very guarded and doesn't even look at any guy. When I talk to him he'll just reply with a one-liner. He's rich but very guarded. I did my research and he never had an encounter with a guy before! I love challenges, but i already gave up on him. He's a difficult one I think even for 'Aldwin'. You can't lure him outside his defenses. Too bad, he's a goldmine.

  18. hhmm.. thanks for the tips!

    nice blog by the way.

    xlink tayo, do you mind?

  19. just droppin by.. i'm reading it too..

  20. 90 percent of what the author had written are true.

    Yes, we like to be un-gulliblly unobvious. kUng baka yung d halata na nagpapakatanga nga tayo.

    the premise to play on their confidence - perfect. Nakuha niya psychology and demeanor. Ang bakla d aamin ng harapan na mahina siya. Ang bakla d aaming bakla na, bakla pa din kalooban niya. Pero sa tutoo lang, ang bakla naghahanap ng rasyonal para maging malakas.

    Kaya nga, susceptible ang bakla sa ilusyon. Iluyson na alam na alam nilang mali, pero hinahanapan ng tutoo.

    Kaya nga, I have developed this idea of being detached. Kung magbabayad, magkano at gawin na to be over and done with na. Para tapos. Libog lang katapat. Para walang attachments. Para tapos na agad ang transaction. Isa lageng business proposition.

    Tama lang ang ganun. Para wala ng emotion.

    Many of us would not like to admit, that sometimes we need to pay for sex. Me, I do. Because I do not want to be involved. I do not want to even give my number. I will get yours and that is just about it. My choice whether to be reacquainted, it is on my own terms.

    That way - I am shielded from the oft repeated mistake of falling needlessly.

  21. well,absolutely,boys doesn't work for me,.,i can make them laugh like crazy at my fingertips..i might sound like im totally an expert but-gimiks like that-hindi tatalab sakin hehehe,.,well thanks sa nag post-u realy are a big help,.,ur such a bay window honey..hehehe,.,i can more do a lot of tricks on my boys..

  22. You forgot the part where we gay men have more understanding when it comes to behavior and we are better at manipulating then your kind...just a reminder if we fall victim its because we wanted to XD

  23. 21st century na kaya... The feeling is always mutual.
    During my college days, there's this good looking, rich guy na crush ko talaga.
    He's not dumb but he's havin a hard time on most of his projects so he asked help from me.
    From then on, he keeps on making libre, hanging out with me, sabay na kaming mag study and all.
    Then came one of his major projects and he asked me to do it for him and I said I wanted him to fuck me and he did :) yey... Anyway we ended up as good friends, i moved to a different town after grad, he stayed there and got married.

    "Money is power, sex is power, therefore getting money for sex is simply an exchange of power" -samantha, satc