Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do I Got A Story To Tell

I'm quitting my day job.

Well, technically, I'll walk away one day, and never show up for work again.

That is, if I play my cards right and The Editor gives me a callback.


  1. good luck with the new job.

    may konting problem lang kaya ginawa ko muna by invitation yung blog ko... anu ba email add mo? para ma-invite din kita. email or i-ym mo na lang sakin email add. mu email/ym ko is

  2. Break a leg bro and may you get that writing job you seek.

  3. Ohh... you should pursue more writing stints. You really have a knack for it.:)

    How's the book that you're reading?:D

  4. You do know that the image you posted can be restored/enhanced to a near-perfect, sharp image (which is exactly what I did), don’t you?. Just like what FBI did to the child predator in Thailand who stupidly posted a distorted image of himself thinking that it cannot be reversed. Unless, of course, you are smart enough to post a photo of someone else (but then, I don't think that would be smart either because when I repost the image for all the world to see - and I mean WHEN not IF, you just make it more complicated and potentially invited trouble). And I will leave it for everyone to see if you really are worth the price you said you could command. Yes, I'm that MEAN, you narcissistic beast!

  5. paano ka nagkaroon ng madaming google friendconnect followers?