Thursday, June 9, 2011

My First Literary Project

Shotgun Blues
A Short Story in Verse Form
By: Boy Du Jour

24 / 7 convenience store
Staring matches with headlights
Double checking my phone.

A-buzzed with frozen soda,
Itching to get going,
Triple checking my phone.

Headlights staring back, winking,
Door pushed open swung,
Prepared apology forgotten.

Riding shotgun and the radio’s on
Small talkin’, the silence weighs a ton
Road’s wide free, it’s the middle of the night
With every turn, we turn more right.

It’s been a while, and you miss me too
Tonight we’re back together, just me and you.
Let’s not talk about tomorrow, that’s a daylight away
Let’s talk about now, you’re here, I’ll stay.

Riding shotgun, on the expressway now
Radio’s on, it knows our songs somehow.
It’s the middle of the night, you’re taking me to your place
Your girlfriend calls, I can’t look at your face.


I turn the radio down
I wont say a word now
I play with my phone
I pretend there’s an urgent message I have to reply to
You tell her you just went out for a coffee
And you’re all alone.
She calls you baby, you kiss the air under her hair
Your hand creeps to mine, and hold me
I let you.


We don’t talk about it, you bring my hand to your lips
I call you “baby”, we laugh at that.
We stop for coffee, we stop to pee
We both go to the men’s room, so casually.


All of the calls we don’t hear,
And all of the calls we both fear.

All of the eyes, all of the eyes that see
All of the eyes that won’t let us be.

All of the happiness that we hide,
All of the sadness by your side.

All of the times I’ve ridden shotgun,
All of  the nights burnt under the sun.




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