Friday, April 8, 2011

Carino Brutal Scandal

For all of you requesting so another video of me in action, here's a short clip of what's in store for you if you really want to get my services.

Warning: This act happened, was documented, and shared with the consent of both parties involved. Safer sex was practiced. 

Disclaimer: The following video contains scenes and themes not suitable for minors, or anyone of sound mind. Proceed if prepared mentally.


  1. speechless... can't stop watching.

  2. just want to say....the guy whose on top was gay too...sooner or later he will try to be on the the fact that he has sexual urge for the ass....welcome to the gay world dear

  3. Wow! Magkaroon ka pa kaya ng repeat customer nyan dude? Or talagang lahat ng customer mo gustong binabastos at minamaliit ang pagkatao nila?

  4. hala! Sado-masochism ang drama.