Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dumb Move

Hey, gays. Sup?

I may have done something very stupid.

Well, remember how I posted my number here last year? Since then, I've been getting some calls and messages from you guys. Some of you are a waste of time coz you're calling from outside Metro Manila, and you're not really serious about getting my services, you just want to chat.

Anyway, I told Adelle about it, and she reprimanded me for being so dumb. She said attracting that much attention, and publicly declaring my 'acts of prostitution' will put me on the police watchlist. Technically, they can't file anything against me (even if I claim to be a prostitute in this medium), but the thing is they can play an entrapment on me and squeeze me for money or for my contacts or for whatever they want out of me and my network. We had a big fight over it, and she wants me to delete this blog. Only thing that pacified her is that I assured her that I posted no photographs of me, I'm writing under an assumed name, I write about real people under false names, and I can't remember posting anything here that can be traced back to me.

So, there. I'm getting a new SIM card. And, NO, I can't entertain clients from this blog because you just might be a cop.

For all other concerns, there's my formspring.

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  1. Well, that is a possibility - the entrapment. some jealous people might actually do that. so that's it, no potential clients who reads this blog will be entertained. sad. hehehe.