Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Ain't that bad. Trust me. What this country needs right now is to control the masses. The masses are unlawful, and miseducated. We need consistency. Consistency can be achieved by having the same set of leaders working on a common goal (guided by a united principle) over a long period of time.

Sorry, guys. But I'm with the Admin on this one.


  1. aren't WE part of the masses? :-p

  2. I agree that the Admin should control the masses.

    Like block blogspot, because people can write against the Admin.

    Like block twitter, because people can send hate messages to other people against the Admin.

    Like put a curfew (10PM to 4AM), because it will allow people to gather and scheme against the Admin.

    Like police and military arrest anyone at will, for being suspected of being against the Admin.

    Like close TV stations delivering news against the Admin.

    The Con-Ass will give unlimited term to the current leader.

    And many more.

    Ganda ng prinsipyo mo noh? Galing! Bravo! Kahanga-hanga. Pinagisipan mo talaga.


  3. MR. Scheez, I have a word for you. Paranoia. Look it up.

    Herbs D. Nope. I'm not.

  4. Of course it is! May basis syempre.


  5. Ahhh!! A Dystopian Idea! How wonderful

  6. And what, do you think, is this "common goal" that they will be united, consistently, in doing?

    Enrich themselves using our money and our resources?

    Trust me honey, it won't be to make life easier for you.

  7. this entry has more thought than a dozen political bloggers-cum-columnists. and i love the premise of this blog! riveting persona! as they say, keep it up. haha